What boat trips are available from Carlingford Marina?

Our boat ‘Discovery’ is available for boat tours, charter hire and special occasions such as birthday parties, proposals, anniversaries, memorials, scattering ashes at sea, seasonal celebrations, fishing trips and corporate trips.

Tailored trips can be 1.5 hours, 3 hours, or 6 hours... or what ever suits your needs. Please see our boat services page to find out more.

How much do the trips cost?

Adults: €20 (1hr 30min Trip)
Children: (under 12): €10
Family Ticket (2 Adults & 2 Children): €50

Tailored Packages:
Contact +353 (0)87 254 7362 for price and booking deposit.

How far in advance do I need to book a cruise or charter?

The popularity and availability of scheduled trips may depend on the weather, holiday seasons or local activities in the area. The sooner you book the more chances you have of getting the number of spaces you need for your group.

We would recommend booking ‘Private Hire’ well in advance.

How do I make a booking?

Call us on +353 (0)87 254 7362 or get in touch via by email to arrange a tailored trip to suit you.

Are the trips weather dependent?

The boat trips are weather dependent. We monitor the weather forecast on a daily basis and if the weather is not deemed to be suitable, trips maybe cancelled, or a different route may be chosen depending on sea conditions and tidal range.

How many trips leave the Carlingford Marina each day?

Routine trips will be 1.5 hours approximately. Running times will be every two hours (subject to change if we are pre-booked).

What are the tour/trip departure times?

Scheduled Times:
Friday: 1pm / 3pm
Saturday: 11am/ 1pm / 3pm
Sunday: 11am/ 1pm / 3pm

Extra trips may be run depending on demand, so check out our social media pages for daily updates.

Where does the trip depart from?

The tour boat departs from Carlingford Marina, Carlingford, Co. Louth.

The postal code is A91 DWP3.

Is there a toilet onboard the boat?

Yes, there is a fully functional toilet onboard. As with all toilets onboard boats, please follow the strict guideline signage on what not to flush down the toilet.

Is the boat suitable for all ages?

The boat is suitable for all ages. Adults must always monitor and supervise children, especially when embarking and disembarking the boat.

Will we be strapped into our seats?

No. You are free to roam around the boat, although Covid-19 guidelines may still require social distancing and hand sanitising.

Is the boat wheelchair accessible?

The boat is wheelchair accessible, although we cannot cater for extra wide wheelchairs.

Is your boat licensed?

Yes. We have a P3 Department of Transport License. We also have an MCA Cat 2 License for up to 60 miles offshore.

Are your crew qualified?

The boat is be piloted by ISA Commercially Endorsed personnel on all trips.

Does the boat carry life jackets?

The boat carries 14 life jackets. It is not mandatory for adults to wear a lifejacket on a boat of this size, however it would be advisable to wear one. It is mandatory for all children to wear a lifejacket for the entire trip including embarking and disembarking.

Will I be seasick?

The boat is a Blyth Catamaran, so she is very steady in the water. Most people do not suffer sea sickness onboard this type of boat. If you are prone to seasickness, seek advise from a pharmacy about solutions on preventative measures prior to taking a boat trip.

What type of clothing should I wear?

We recommend you bring at least one extra layer, preferably a warm jacket, hat and comfortable shoes. No matter how high temperatures are, it can get cold out at sea.

Is there anything else I need to bring on to the boat?

Sun Factor and sunglasses. Zipped jacket or clothing (for safety of mobile phone / keys / wallet). Bottled water or minerals (no hot drinks are allowed due to chance of spillage). You can bring your own food on board, however it will be your own responsibility  and any leftover packaging must be removed following the trip.

Are there other facilities available on arrival to Carlingford Marina?

Carlingford Marina offers bar and restaurant facilities while you wait on your trip or on your return to shore.