Carlingford Lough Sea Tours
Carlingford Marina, Carlingford, Co. Louth
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Important information
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All parties must arrive ten minutes prior to the departure time.

Carlingford Lough Sea Tours may cancel any tour if the weather is poor, rough seas, heavy rainfall, strong or gusty winds, or any adverse conditions that may spoil your trip.

If your tour is cancelled, you will be entitled to re-schedule or receive a refund.

We sometimes take photos during our sailings for upload to our social media platforms, this is to show all potential customers how wonderful the trip is and how much enjoyment people get from Carlingford Lough. If you have any objections to this, please let our staff know.

All passengers must take extra caution making their way down the gangway to embark the vessel, there is wheelchair access available to all, especially if the access steps seem daunting.

It is advisable to avoid alcohol consumption ahead of the tour, wear comfortable shoes and bring adequate clothing as temperatures are less out at sea.

54.0516° n
6.1810° w


To keep up to date with our day-to-day running, you can find us on our social media platforms. For enquires about on our trips or facilities, you can reach us by sending a message here.

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Carlingford Lough Sea Tours
Carlingford Marina, Carlingford, Co. Louth
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Carlingford Lough Sea Tours
Belfry Gardens, Dundalk, Co. Louth
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